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EZ Form's expert systems and complete labeling regulations libraries help ensure that your labels are in compliance every time. 

With features like Nutrition Navigator, BE ingredients tracker, claims calculators,  USDA Generic labeling guide, label sketch prototypes and FDA/USDA regulations libraries, the software saves you time and money by automating the food labeling compliance process. 

EZ Form Software Editions

US Edition FDA + USDA

- Built-in USDA ingredient database and BE ingredient tracker

- FDA & USDA regulation libraries

- Expert serving size & Nutrition Facts Panel wizards

- New, old & bi-lingual NFP formats

- Health, nutrient, organic & Kosher claims wizards

- USDA Form 7234 generator & LSAS export

- Generic Approval & Country of Origin Labeling wizards

- Allergen tracking & Restricted Ingredient analysis

- Label sketch prototype wizard & quarterly updates

Deluxe Edition US + Canada

- US Edition features - left PLUS:

- Canada Ingredients database

- Ingredient statement construction wizard

- All Health Canada Nutrition Facts Table formats

- Canada nutrition labeling regulations library

- Canada serving size wizard

- Nutrient claims calculator

- Record tracking for audits

- Quarterly updates

This revolutionary software is like having a food technologist, label consultant, and regulatory expert immediately on-call, no further away than your desktop. Take advantage of our free trial to demo the software, then buy when you are ready. 

For more information, click:   US Edition   |   Canada Edition   |   FAQs   |   Free Trial

Subscription Updates:

Since government agencies are constantly changing their food regulations, databases and guidances, EZ Form® gets updated regularly to remain current (revising regulation & ingredient databases & reprograming the expert systems, calculators and wizards). Because of frequent regulatory updates, prices are based on a subscription model. 

Your initial license covers the first 2 quarterly updates and then you will need to purchase additional subscription time. If you purchase this now, you will receive $100 off per license for each additional year (of 4 quarterly updates) you buy.

Select software edition by country jurisdiction: *

  • United States Edition (FDA & USDA)

    United States Edition (FDA & USDA)

    Select license / additional updates package, and click add for number of licenses needed.

  • Deluxe Edition (both US & Canada)

    Deluxe Edition (both US & Canada)

    Select license / additional updates package, and click add for number of licenses needed.

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