The 2023 Food Label Seminars are essential for anyone interested in learning how to develop and substantiate food label claims and how to assess their risks amidst the evolving legal landscape. Dive into the fast-moving regulatory environment of claims, legal risks, and evolving regulations from the comfort of your office. 

Inspired by the most popular sessions from the in-person 2023 Food Label Conference, this online event will include one day of expert PLC instruction and two days of legal perspectives.

Seminars include two 3-hour deep dives into USDA & FDA food label claims, and six one-hour seminars delivered by top food lawyers covering litigation risk, evolving regulations & leading-edge claims.

You can choose one of our packages or select sessions a la carte to match your schedule and budget.

Seminar Packages

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A La Carte

Select the individual sessions that you wish to attend. Click here for more information about the sessions. 

    Seminar registration includes entry to the live session, a copy of the course slide deck, and access to view the recorded material for 2 weeks following the webinar.

    Add-ons: Labeling Manuals

    • Essential Guide to USDA Labeling

      Essential Guide to USDA Labeling

      Whether used as a handy reference or a critical training tool, Essential Guide is an indispensable resource for all your USDA labeling questions. Now updated and expanded to reflect important changes in federal regulations, this 230-page manual includes:
      Up-to-date information on restricted ingredients, regulatory jurisdictions, processing requirements, and more
      The changing roles of USDA/FSIS and processors in label approval
      Label approval records best practices—to keep your local inspector off your back!

      Click ADD multiple times to order multiple copies.

      $335.00 ea.

    • Essential Guide to FDA/USDA Nutrition Labeling

      Essential Guide to FDA/USDA Nutrition Labeling

      This manual is designed as a self-study guide to the complicated calculations of nutritional labeling. And as a convenient desk reference, this manual is designed for your constant use. This exceptional, 300-page volume:
      Covers every food under federal regulation—from (chicken) soup to (cashew) nuts
      Is organized in an easy to read, step-by-step format, in language you’ll understand
      Covers every aspect of required nutrition labeling
      Includes nuances and topics you won’t find anywhere else
      Tips and tools to help save you time and avoid costly errors
      Straightens out the ambiguities in CFR / and more!

      Click ADD multiple times to order multiple copies.

      $335.00 ea.

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    About Prime Label Consultants: Prime Label has been helping companies navigate food labeling since 1972. As a full service consulting firm, Prime Label Consultants leverages 50 years of food and beverage regulatory and nutrition expertise to support over 3,500 clients, ranging from general guidance to complete project development. Additionally, for the past 35 years, we have hosted the Food Labeling Conference, which has served as an important forum for dialog and collaboration between industry and regulatory agencies.

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