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If you don't find what you're looking for on this form or for high volume requests, please contact [email protected] for an introductory call. We would be happy to discuss your labeling needs!

Regulatory Consulting

  • Phone and Email Consults Available

    Phone and Email Consults Available

    Request time with one of our Consultants to discuss any regulatory questions you may have. Based on your company needs, this service can range from a phone discussion to complex research with written feedback on a variety of topics.

    Frequent topics include:
    - Product Naming
    - Labeling and Marketing Claims
    - Ingredient Labeling
    - Nutrition Facts Panel Format Optimization
    - USDA Applications

    Feedback is provided through email communication, phone discussion or formal memorandum.

Label Reviews

  • Compliance Report

    Compliance Report

    Comprehensive regulatory review of label artwork's mandatory features. Feedback is provided via a Compliance Report with specific corrective actions or risk-based guidance for undefined features.

    Each review includes:
    - Detailed report of feedback for label revisions and recordkeeping purposes
    - One hour of complimentary support
    - Discounted subsequent reviews for second or third round revisions

    Complimentary support can take place before or after the review is performed, valid for 30 days upon receiving the returned report.

Nutrition & Ingredients

  • Nutrition Facts Panel (NFP)

    Nutrition Facts Panel (NFP)

    Creation of a nutrition facts panel based on the formulation of ingredients or 100-gram laboratory data as provided. The deliverable is created using PLC’s proprietary software, EZ Form and includes an FDA or USDA compliant serving size, proper value rounding, and graphic formatting based on the Total Available Labeling Space. The deliverable is returned via email in a PDF, BMP, or EPS file format.

    For NFP Optimization including formatting options, RACC selection, and other graphic needs, we recommend scheduling a Consult with a member from our team.

  • Ingredient Statement

    Ingredient Statement

    Ingredient Statement creation involves organization of information from ingredient specifications and formatting the information in order of predominance. PLC does not review the compliance of supplier provided information. For feedback on the supplier-provided information, research on the appropriate names of ingredients and/or optimization, consultation is required under Regulatory Consulting, $300/hour, 30 minute minimum.

USDA Approvals

  • USDA Submission

    USDA Submission

    Basic Label Submission involves the submission of an application for label approval to the applicable division, through the online LSAS portal. Applications are submitted to USDA’s Label Program and Delivery Staff (LPDS) for meat and poultry labels or Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) for child nutrition labels. Feedback includes a PDF of USDA Summary Documentation along with PLC’s recommended next steps through email communication.

    Additional services may accompany the application in order to expedite the process even further. We recommend adding the Application Prescreen to catch errors in label artwork prior to submission.

  • Application Prescreen

    Application Prescreen

    Application Prescreens involve an assessment of generic eligibility and the presence of mandatory features for labels required to be submitted to the USDA. Feedback is provided to clients via email communication and includes recommended next steps to achieve approval, with a focus on missing elements or immediate concerns with an application that the USDA may address. For a formal comprehensive review, please consider our Compliance Report option found under "Label Review".

    Application Prescreens are billed on an hourly basis, with an estimated review time of 30-60 minutes. Additional guidance or questions will be applied to the overall review time.

The selection of an “Extraordinary Circumstances” should only be chosen if the product has been retained ("tagged") by program personnel at official establishments or when there is some other unforeseeable impediment to movement of meat or poultry product, and a Temporary label approval would remove the impediment. For complete policy guidance see the FSIS website:

Document Upload

Label Artwork (PDF or Image) is required for a Compliance Report. For additional services, additional documentation may apply. We recommend you consolidate your documents into a zip file. If your files are too large for upload, contact [email protected] for assistance processing your order. 

Available for Download: 7234 Form (required for all USDA Submissions)

Special Instructions, Turnaround Time, & Terms

I confirm that my order is final and the information submitted is complete and accurate. Services of Prime Label Consultants (PLC) are specific to the information supplied by the Client and accuracy of the data is solely the responsibility of the Client. Re-work based on information not accurately provided at the time of Services rendered is subject to the hourly consulting rates of PLC. I understand that by authorizing payment, PLC may charge additional consultation time if needed - up to 2 hours for Regulatory Consultation or per Application Prescreen, or as additionally authorized.

All Services, including label development, label reviews/audits, consultation and training is provided by PLC as a consulting service only. PLC assumes product depiction and all voluntary label copy represent the product truthfully and that any applicable trademarks and preparation instructions are accurate and valid. Client understands that, due to the complex and subjective nature of label regulations, PLC does not guarantee complete regulatory compliance. Financial liability for any errors made by PLC is limited to the cost of Services rendered.

CONFIDENTIALITY: PLC recognizes that certain Services provided by PLC may require Client to release proprietary information to PLC, such as product formulas and ingredient specifications. PLC will use such Confidential Information solely for the purposes of the services requested by Client, and will respect the confidentiality and sensitivity of the information. Upon request, PLC will gladly review and sign confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements.


Contact Information

Note all orders must be paid within 30 days of receiving your final invoice. Please email [email protected] if you would like to provide AP contact information.
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