All FDA* Labels Now Require the New Nutrition Panel Format

  • Get a report that ensures you comply with over 1300 regulatory data points:
  •      - Correct panel type - mandatory vs single column NFP (6 data points)
  •      - Serving information & equivalencies (57 data points)
  •      - Correct content - nutrients, units, rounding & equivalencies (709 data points)
  •      - Graphics rules - (299 data points)
  •      - Proofing mistakes (misspellings, text case, alignment, etc - 267 data points)
  • Complete these three easy steps to check your NFP for compliance with the new 2016 Nutrition Label Reform regulations:
  •      1. Upload artwork
  •      2. Provide panel & serving information
  •      3. Note other label features
  •      Get your report within 3 business days!

50% off** for a limited time to help with FDA's enforcement deadline of January 1!

* Label IQ also evaluates USDA products' nutrition panels in the new FDA format.
** Discount applied when NFP format type is selected. If you have a large number of products, please contact Prime Label for a volume discount.

1. Upload Label Artwork to Get Started:

  • Upload a PDF file of your entire label artwork - in the original size (1:1 scale):

2. Provide Information Needed to Evaluate Servings and Panel Type:

3. Note Other Label Features:

Complete Your Order:

I confirm that my submission is final and the information submitted is complete and accurate.

Prime Label services are specific to the information supplied by the Client and accuracy of the data is solely the responsibility of the Client. Financial liability for any errors made by Prime Label Consultants is limited to the cost of services rendered.

Prime Label Consultants will respect the confidentiality and sensitivity of the information submitted. If necessary, you may download an NDA here and return it to We will countersign it and return it to you.


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