Comply with the new Bioengineered Labeling law before the government's deadline of January 1, 2022! 

Label IQ automates the most time consuming regulatory tasks, improving speed and accuracy of label compliance. Leveraging decades of software development and ingredient expertise, Label IQ produces a rigorous review of critical features for your product labeling at an attractive cost.

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  • Bioengineered Labeling Assessment

    Bioengineered Labeling Assessment

    Find out whether your product is subject to the new U.S. Bioengineered labeling law, check over 1000 bioengineered-derived ingredient triggers, and understand compliance next steps by Jan 1, 2022.
    Certificate Examples: 1. BE Ingredients Identified, 2. No BE Ingredients Identified 3. BE Exempt (free)

  • Nutrition Facts Panel Report

    Nutrition Facts Panel Report

    Get a report on the new format NFP that ensures you comply with over 1300 regulatory data points.
    **50% off for a limited time to help with FDA's enforcement deadline of January 1!**

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