• Required Features and Common Mistakes

    Required Features and Common Mistakes

    Speaker: Jesse Zuehlke, PhD, General Manager, Prime Label
    July 28, 2021 at 3:00 PM ET

    Do you know the features required on each food label by FDA and USDA?

    Join Jesse Zuehlke and Prime Label Consultants for a free webinar covering the fundamental requirements of food labeling in the United States and the most common mistakes made with each. Intended for both novices and experienced labelers, this introductory session is packed with insights from our experts and an important precursor to PLC’s half day FDA and USDA Product Naming Training coming up August 25.

    This webinar has been previously recorded and includes over 10 minutes of live Q&A.

About Prime Label Consultants: Prime Label has been helping companies navigate food labeling since 1972. As a full service consulting firm, Prime Label Consultants leverages 48 years of food and beverage regulatory and nutrition expertise to support over 3,500 clients, ranging from general guidance to complete project development. The combination of systems, automation, training and expertise result in an unparalleled level of compliance, efficiency and cost savings for our customers.

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