Prime Label is excited to announce our 33rd Annual Food Label Conference - occurring virtually in June with a brand new format.

Due to the pandemic, this year will be an online conference with 2 days of Main Conference sessions June 7 - 8, followed by 10 monthly topical sessions to keep you up-to-date throughout the year. We call this new format the Continuing Conference. The conference has three main parts:

1. Main Conference: Sessions will highlight current and former government officials giving insight into government priorities and enforcement actions for the upcoming year. There will be 7 speakers and one networking workshop on Marketing Claims.

2. Continuing Conference: Sessions will take place on the first Wednesday of each month from July of 2021 through April of 2022. Ten 1-hour sessions by government & industry experts will focus on trending topics to keep you abreast of the latest developments in labeling. What's the best part? These sessions are included with your conference registration!

3. Add-on Trainings: Optional Additional intensive seminars are available for hours of more content. These sessions are encouraged if you are looking for a more in-depth training on a particular labeling topic.

We have dozens of speakers ready to share their knowledge and expertise, so come prepared for some thought provoking Q&A! 

And in case of schedule conflicts, video playback will be available for a limited time. If you have any questions, please contact  us at [email protected].

1. Main Conference Registration

June 7-8, 2021

Conference Schedule

Main ConferenceMonday & Tuesday June 7 & June 8, 2021 noon - 4:30p ET

The following topics will be featured:

"Meat" the Press - Food Trends with FoodNavigator (Editor, FoodNavigator-USA)

Bioengineered Labeling: Updates and Enforcement Priorities (Food Disclosure and Labeling Division, AMS-USDA)

Federal Trade Commission: Labeling Triggers and Enforcement (Federal Trade Commission)

Demand Letters and Class Actions - Mitigating Litigation Risk (Ivan Wasserman, Amin Talati Wasserman)

Meeting the Challenges of Marketplace Innovation in Today's Policy Landscape (Robert Post, FoodTrition Solutions)

USDA Policy: Nutrition Label Reform, Future of Generic, & Other Emerging Issues (Labeling and Program Delivery Staff USDA-FSIS)

FSIS Local Inspectors: Labeling Oversight and New Non-Compliance Trends (Office of Field Operations USDA-FSIS)

Legal Perspective: Predictions for the New Administration (Wiley Rein & Cargill)

Continuing ConferenceFirst Wednesdays in July 2021 - April 2022 3:00pm - 4:00pm ET

The following topics will be featured:
(subject to new regulatory developments & trends)

FAARP - Sesame and Allergen Labeling Trends
USDA Organic Labeling Update
Insider's Guide to State Labeling Resources
Expert Witness Perspective on Claims and Clean Labeling
Global Labeling Trends
Flavor Labeling Trends and Case Study
2021 Year in Review: Litigation Trends
Added Sugar Trends and Case Studies
(Trending Labeling Topic - TBD)
Keto, Paleo, Diet Trends

NetworkingTuesday June 8, 2021 5:00p ET

Virtual Cheeseboard Building, hosted by CheeseMonster Studio- DC
***Optional - must pre-register - limited space available!

2. Add-on Training Registration

Include optional intensive Add-on trainings for hours of more content. When you register for two or more sessions, receive $100 off each additional training. 

Click "ATTEND THIS SESSION" to add one or more trainings:

  • FDA Labeling Basics

    FDA Labeling Basics [Sold Out]

    June 2 & 3 - 11:00 - 2:00 pm EDT
    Instructor: Lisa Weller Ashton, Prime Label Consultants

    FDA label requirements can be confusing, and trends change at a fast pace. In addition to stringent content and wording requirements, food labels must also comply with size, color, language, and location rules. Claims are also a moving target with many subtleties in wording and design. Learn the basics of FDA labeling rules and keep up with the latest developments.

    Price $995.00

  • Mexico Labeling Update

    Mexico Labeling Update [Sold Out]

    June 2 - 2:30 - 5:30 pm EDT
    Instructors: Phil Daniel & Fabiola Montero, TechLink International

    Mexico has recently updated their food labeling requirements and all food labels need to compliant with the latest requirements by 2021. We will discuss this substantial change where every food item will need to be updated to meet the new standard.

    Price $595.00

  • USDA Labeling Basics

    USDA Labeling Basics [Sold Out]

    June 3 & 4 - 2:30 - 5:30 pm EDT
    Instructors: Lisa Weller Ashton, Prime Label Consultants

    USDA labeling can be very confusing with many different sources for rules, policies, and regulations. Stakes can be high with generic labels no longer having FSIS’s stamp of approval. In addition, local inspectors are giving added scrutiny to labels, and the risk of Noncompliance Records is greater than ever. Learn the fundamentals of USDA labeling in this seminar.

    Price $995.00

  • Nutrient Content Claims

    Nutrient Content Claims [Sold Out]

    June 4 - 11:00 - 2:00 pm EDT
    Instructor: Caitlin Diederich, Prime Label Consultants

    As shopping habits and consumer interests evolve, nutrition continues to be a top priority. Keeping products competitive in the market involves leveraging nutrition attributes in a relevant and compliant manner. This session will walk through the FDA and USDA requirements for nutrient content claims and cover the difference between expressed and implied claims, such as Low Fat, High Fiber and “Healthy” as well as other nutrition-related statements, relative claims and health claims.

    Price $595.00

  • Labeling and Marketing Claims

    Labeling and Marketing Claims [Sold Out]

    June 14 & 15 - 11:00 - 2:00 pm EDT
    Instructor: Lisa Weller Ashton, Prime Label Consultants

    Ensuring compliance and substantiation of new product claims is challenging. Learn best practices from Prime Label’s visibility into emerging market trends, including ingredient claims, clean labeling, animal production claims, certifications, functional foods, and more. Participants will leave with an understanding of a variety of FDA and USDA regulated claims, and how they might apply to their own products.

    Price $995.00

  • USDA Generic Labeling

    USDA Generic Labeling [Sold Out]

    June 14 - 2:30 - 5:30 pm EDT
    Instructor: Jesse Zuehlke, Prime Label Consultants

    The expansion of generic approval means less time waiting on USDA label approval, but a greater burden on food companies to ensure compliance. Understand when and how to use generic approval to get your products to market faster.

    Price $595.00

  • Canadian Labeling

    Canadian Labeling [Sold Out]

    June 15 & 16 - 2:30 - 5:30 pm EDT
    Instructor: Erin Taraborrelli, NSF International

    Canada has recently updated its food labeling requirements. In addition, it is up to food manufacturers to ensure their product labels are compliant before they go to market, and the regulations can be difficult to interpret. Learn the regulations that govern food labeling in Canada, and the differences with US labeling and CFIA enforcement.

    Price $995.00

  • Bioengineered Label Disclosure

    Bioengineered Label Disclosure [Sold Out]

    June 16 - 11:00 - 2:00 pm EDT
    Instructor: Jesse Zuehlke, Prime Label Consultants

    After diving into the specifics of the new National Bioengineered Disclosure Standard, this seminar will focus on agency updates and best practices for record keeping, supply chain management and making BE claims.

    Price $595.00

3. Extras

Cheeseboard Building Class, Hosted by CheeseMonster Studio - DC

  • Class w/ Building Kit shipped directly to you

    Class w/ Building Kit shipped directly to you [Sold Out]

    Join us at 5 PM ET on Tuesday, June 8th for a fun networking activity. Come learn how to put together a show-stopping cheeseboard for your next gathering. Whether it's learning how to pick out cheeses and accompaniments, or how to put them together in a thoughtful and crowd-stunning way, this Cheeseboard Building class will hone your plating skills!

    A building kit shipped direct to you! Space is limited, so you must register for the class at the time of your registration to lock-in your spot.

    Price $75.00

  • Class sans Building Kit

    Class sans Building Kit [Sold Out]

    Same date and time, but enjoy the class without the kit. Instead of the kit, you will receive a suggested shopping list before the class, and you can pick and choose your own items at your leisure.

    Price $25.00

Labeling Reference Manuals (optional)

Interested in additional training materials to take home?  Check out our Reference Manuals below for comprehensive texts on USDA Food Labeling and USDA/FDA Nutrition Labeling.  Normally $335, as conference attendees you get $100 off each manual. Manuals purchases and shipments only available for the contiguous 48 states. Click for content details:

USDA Labeling Manual and Contents  |  FDA/USDA Nutrition Labeling Manual and Contents

Discounted Manuals

  • Essential Guide to USDA Labeling Basics

    Essential Guide to USDA Labeling Basics

    Select "Add" multiple times for multiple copies.

    $235.00 ea.

  • Essential Guide to FDA/USDA Nutrition Labeling

    Essential Guide to FDA/USDA Nutrition Labeling

    Select "Add" multiple times for multiple copies.

    $235.00 ea.

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